Wednesday, March 27, 2013

God particle

I've written a little bit about my paintings having to do with the Large Hadron Collider recently.
Those pictures and poetic commentaries to them moved my musician friends.
The guys from VoF made beautiful music inspired by the paintings, poetry, Higgs boson and CERN. It was a wonderful experience to work on that project together.
Please see our co-operative project.

You can also listen to all the music on the website

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Large Hadron Collider

Large Hadron Collider

Let me show You paintings from my second series.
Those pictures are dedicated to the LHC- Large Hadron Collider, the largest device on Earth has been built at the laboratory of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
In 2012 scientists found Higgs boson. That hypothetical particle was supposed to have existed for about 10 milliseconds following the Big Bang and is believed to have contributed to creation of all the matter. For that reason some call it the God’s particle.
This topic was very interesting to me( as a painter), both  from the physical side (the largest machine all over the word), but also from philosophical side ( looking for the spirituality in XXI century )

I would like to present You a piece of poem to selected paintings, You can treat  them as  a kind of guide to the paintigs.

LHC Genesis

God’s whim
Scrawls scribbled
Perhaps this is how the world was created
The zebra was to be the elephant
And the elephant was conceived as the ox
The bat was to be the swan
While the swan was made instead of the lamb

The cross-breeding of species
The puzzles of sub-orders

The tentacles of creation
Started the evolution
And atoms made up structures

From the microcosm of phyla, orders and sub-orders
To the mankind in the centre
To the macrocosm of planets, galaxies and cosmic vacuum



In the metal giant
Mysterious energy pulsates

It is the Genesis and primeval cause
The tomb and annihilation
Where science brings salvation
It also nourishes a destructive force

Leviathan’s fiery mouth
Devours its own children

Like toy soldiers multiplied into the army of thousands
They fight the giant created
By their smarter brothers

The mystery’s solution and the end
Are approached simultaneously

LHC Cathedral

The giant of iron and steel
Created by the smart minds
Which have ceased to comprehend it

Interwoven with a myriad of colours
The iron structure rises
Like the Gothic cathedral

The sanctuary of the 21st century
Where the scientists preach
And the explorers lead the flock

The tabernacle in the centre
Here, faith gets transformed into unbelief
And unbelief into faith

Religion and science – incompatible
And yet, like the HOST
They’ll nestle together in love’s embrace

LHC Love

Him and her
A mechanical dance
A union and acceleration

In the amniotic fluid
Of an emerald lake
Antimatter is borne of matter

And LOVE permeates the universe

LHC Apocalypse

The sky has gotten grey and melancholic
Punctured with orange daggers
A spinning wheel

Smashed, broken and defeated
And then

The mechanical contraption
Falls down upon the cinders and grey ashes
Of breathlessness

LHC Judgement

The black lash of infinity
Encloses the eye of God

The judgement on the right:
War, destruction, evil extinguishing life

The judgement on the left:
Love brings salvation
And good calms all fears

The Cosmogony of physics
A heresy
Where God is the Lord so small
He can’t be found in the tiniest of particles

LHC Prince

Where France is the father
And Switzerland the mother
In the iron belly

Between the green waters of Geneva
And the borderline mountain range

He grew – a young god
His princely aura
Marks an orange ring

The ring of initiation
Into the mystery of creation

LHC Atlas & Alice

Dancing to the music
Of cosmic vacuum
They just start rocking slowly
Waving like gleaming fans

The beams woven of micro-particles
Accelerate into oblivion
Collide and detectivate

Once a super proton synchrotron
And a proton anti-proton
Today a cosmic marriage
The opposites colliding to become one